Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 64 - UNM Hospital, We Might Have A Problem

India has had a difficult time holding down food lately. In fact, she's hardly eaten at all. She is already underweight so this has been frightening. When we placed the GTube, my expectations were that she'd "fatten" right up and we'd move on. That hasn't been the case.

A couple days ago, one of the doctors had a talk with me. He said that there was a chance that India had something called "SMA" - Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome. My India has so many things with so many abbreviations that when the doctor told me this newest possible disorder, I was very calm and to be honest more focused on my little girls pain at that moment.

Later in the day, a different doctor came into the room to let me know that India needed an Upper GI and that they'd go in through her GTube; now they had my attention. The doctor went on to say that they'd need to do a series of other tests to try and figure out if she has "SMA" or not.

There is a chance that she has a simple virus but the doctors have been unable to detect it yet which isn't a good sign. I say this because if they can find a virus, they can treat it. If it's "SMA", India could be in real trouble. 

"SMA" is considered a very rare and deadly disorder. 1 out of 3 people don't survive it. And my little girl being in the condition she is, would have a hell of a time overcoming this newest obstacle.

So I'm going to keep positive, get up in the morning and do my best to make her comfortable, happy, and healthy. And if we're lucky, the abbreviation "SMA" will be eliminated from our vocabulary forever.

Photos of our day today and last night.