Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 59 - UNM Hospital, Could Have Done Without Today

The day is coming to an end and it's a day I'm looking forward to it being in my rear view mirror.

Not long after India's 3rd bout of pain this morning was brought under control and just after the sun was rising, we were taken down to get India a series of x-ray's on her hips and legs. This was a bad experience because I had to lift India out of her bed and onto the x-ray table; it hurt her. 

When we got back in the room and after India was settled in, I felt a huge sense of relief because I could finally go to bed. India was asleep so I curled up drifted off. :30 minutes later India was calling me to adjust her. When I placed my hands under her body to shift her from one side to another, I found a pool of liquid. India's GTube had popped and her stomach had emptied into her bed.

We spent the next :45 minutes cleaning her up and getting her comfortable again.

When India was back to sleep, I quickly did the same. This time, I think I was able to sleep for about 1.5 hours when India called for me. I went over and asked her what she needed. She said "owie Daddy", so I started to stretch her legs. When I was done, I could see she didn't look right. I started rubbing her back when she began to vomit profusely. 

We spent the next :45 minutes cleaning her up and getting her comfortable again.

The doctors decided to have a mobile x-ray of her stomach done to try and find out what was going on. When the x-ray was finished and the results returned, India became sick again. This time I decided to give her a long bath. 

All was quiet until 9:00 PM when the pain kicked in again. It's 11:00 PM now and the hurt is managed and India is asleep.

Good Night Moon.