Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 22 - UNM Hospital, 12:35 AM Pain

Only minutes into the new day, India had an intense pain attack. It came on within 5 minutes. And within 5 minutes, I pushed the button for the nurse 3 times, repositioned India 4 times, stretched her legs and put on and took off her traction. 

When the nurse didn't come and India was whimpering in pain louder and louder, I went out to the empty hallway to find help. 

I found our nurse as she was coming bout of a patient consult room with a blanket wrapped around her; she'd been sleeping.

I told my nurse what was happening with India as she stood in front of me still wrapped in her blanket. 

Then the nurse began to scold me for allowing India's pain to go unchecked and get out of control. She was still wearing her nap time blanket. I couldn't believe what was coming out of her groggy mouth....

Our experience at University Of New Mexico Children's Hospital has been frightening and this mornings experience has been surreal beyond words.

1:57 AM update: The "Charge Nurse" just came in because India's feeding tube wasn't working, the machine was "beeping". I asked about India's nurse and the situation. The damn "Charge Nurse" told me that India's nurse was "cold" and that is why she was wrapped in a blanket and in a "patient consult room".  A room with an ambiance of a nice living room. "It's not meant for nurses to be in as they're bundled in blankets"!!!!

I just want to cry now, my child was in pain, I'm now afraid to go to sleep, what is wrong with this hospital....