Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 5 - UNM Hospital - Pretty Good Day

India slept a whole lot today. We aren't sure if it's from her new meds or if it's from exhaustion brought on by the horrible pain she's been experiencing. 

She had another IV line fail, causing her arm to swell up with fluids. It's the 6th line to go bad in 4 days and this one was very painful. You can see in the photos below that India is holding her arm tightly.

India's weight is a huge concern, she is hovering around 55 pounds at 15 years of age. I put out a post on Facebook asking family and friends to bring food to the hospital so I could fatten India up. My little girl just isn't very interested in hospital food. And to be honest, we were both lonely and wanted some company.

I guess the past year has taken it's toll on me. I was told tonight that I was looking "chunky" by my old pal Barbara from Garcias on Central and my friend "Heidi" aka "1 of 9" said that I was looking old...

I'm hoping for another good day tomorrow, we deserve it.

Our view just before sunrise.

India trying to work the pain out of her arm after the IV failed.

India's swollen arm from the IV failing.

I wonder if this is how India sees her shadow.

Crazy Buddhist sister having dinner with India.