Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 11 - UNM Hospital, Doctor - Doctor!

This has been absolutley horrible for my daughter. We were up almost all night last night trying to control her pain. It became so bad that at 6:30 am that I asked for a doctor to come help immediatley. It was clear that we were headed down a very dangerous path that could be a life ending event for my child. 

It's now 1:04 pm MST, headed towards 7 hours since India was screaming in pain and I was asking for the doctor to come help; NO DOCTOR AS OF YET.

We did get an additional 2 mg's of Diazapam from the doctor who had to be tracked down and would only reply by phone. 2 mg's of Diazapam is a rediculously low dose, even when added onto her current scheduled quantities. 

My child was in so much pain that her shirt was drenched in sweat and she was trembling from the hurt. How the hell can a hospital and/or doctor not see this as an emergency. Especially considering that they are aware she is very medically fragile?