Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 15 In Boston - A Note Written By A Good Friend Who Came To Boston To Help And Witnessed The Intensity First Hand

Erin Solari and Allen M. Tonkin aka "III" September 1982 @ the "La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club".

Erin Solari: Just back from Boston and I know Donnie Brainard will send an update when he can but the recovery and healing process is moment to moment and day to day and sometimes there is just no way to describe that day. And on top of that, being at the hospital around the clock just wears one out so badly that there is no energy for anything else. It is not my place to forward another's info but I will say that by observation the staff at Boston Children's Hospital are some of the best I have seen and all are working together to help India in every way possible.

Also Donnie gets almost zero breaks because he is the only one sometimes who can assess what India is asking for and often the moment he tries to step out briefly to quickly eat or grab clothes from the hotel... He will be instantly called back to the hospital. In a perfect world Donnie would have more support there with him and I know my cousin Allen is there now trying to help but this is a long process and thus if there are other family or friends out there who are able to provide support there or even at home that would surely help. I also realized that while he is there for these months he is not working and that can surely generate its own stresses and challenges. Plus he is away from his wife and other 3 children which I imagine is hard as well. Again this is just my observation and thoughts from my short time there and looking at all the parts of life affected by this delicate situation and trying time for all his family. This after many challenging years before this - I pray for all involved and hope that the clouds of such strain and grimness may clear for all.

I also want to acknowledge all the family members & friends who HAVE already been supporting and helping for many years now. My golly - I admire all parents and all it takes to do it well and how much a parent gives of themselves and then with a disabled child or more than one I can't even fathom how the parents do it so my deepest respect to all the parents and families in this position and the super abundance of love, persistence and patience they all have to muster daily. — with Erin Solari at Boston Children's Hospital.

As a Post Script, Erin Solari is the girl who saved my life on October 3, 1982: