Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 30 In Boston - Post Surgery - A Song Brought Her To Tears

Yesterday, two beautiful friends of my Buddhist Nun sister "Kelsang Dechok" who are complete strangers to India and I drove to Boston from Rhode Island. Angela and Jason came to meet India to give us some emotional support.

Well... they brought good will, a guitar and bracelet making material; the result was amazing.

Long story short, after a beautiful charm bracelet was made with the help of Angela and shortly thereafter being proudly worn by India (to this moment) - Jason sang songs.

I've never seen my child react the way she did today. 

India wept happy tears, smile on her face, as her cheeks regained color for the first time in weeks. I kneeled on the floor watching as my bed ridden daughter moved her head back and forth to the rhythm of Jason's touching tunes.

Angela and Jason took my India from her undeserved hospital bed today to a truly beautiful place in her mind; she was given the gift of respite. All of us who watched were deeply moved.

India has been confined 22 days to her mechanical bed with attached devices that flash and make various "beeps"; day in and day out.

India is awoken every hour by strangers who put fluids and pills in her mouth and arms.  The result is my daughter's spirit and personality being reduced to nothing more than blank stares and exhaustion at times.

However, today India again was blessed with something beautiful and at the hands of stangers.

And right now, she is in a rare and much needed deep sleep.


P.S: If you look at the lower photo, you'll see my "Baby Girl" is crying.