Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 24 In Boston - Post Surgery - "2nd Attempt Off Of Traction"

India and I started the day hopeful again despite the unthinkable just hours before.  We wake up each morning with hope despite a darkness most can't fathom that follows us like a shadow.  

I know this sounds incomprehensible, but "by the grace of God", most never experience what India and I do. 

Imagine holding your child's head pressed against yours as you sing, hum, or talk about beautiful times as you're trying to give comfort to your "baby" while your child screams in pain; shaking.

All the while, the tears of your child mixes with yours; burning your eyelids. 

Then your child's saliva begins to drip into your mouth from their frantic screams and you can taste their fear and pain in a way most never do.

Think about having to feel your child's sweat from the pain that is so intense that it saturates the clothing and bedding; being mistaken for urine by the nurses and doctors.

What about holding your child as she or he trembles and begs for help as the nurses and doctors are calling a "stat" because of a critical situation; with "your" child. Feeling the panic and fear while your child looks into your eyes asking for help over and over.

This has been our life before and has now been for the past two days.

This is our day today and many days before and nobody deserves this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.