Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Insane Family - Sleeping With Sharks

Sleeping With Sharks

My family, going back many generations, has always spent a part of their summer at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club in California.  During one of those summers, when my mother was a teen, she was having lots of trouble with my Uncle Tommy.  As a typical younger brother, he was being a real pain in the ass to my mother and she’d had enough. My mother decided that she’d find a way to teach Tommy a good lesson.
One night during a walk on the beach, my mother found a dead shark that had washed up. The shark was big, real big.  She knew that this was the golden opportunity to “get” Tommy.  She picked up the shark which was not easy; it took both of her arms to carry it.
Tommy had gone to bed and was sound asleep. Mom quietly crept into his bedroom, dragging the shark behind her.  She very slowly pulled Tommy’s covers down and placed the shark on its back with its head on the pillow right next to Tommy's head.  Both the shark and Tommy appeared to be in a deep sleep with their mouths wide open, teeth exposed and snoring. She pulled the covers up just below the shark’s mouth and Tommy’s chin. It was really a very cozy scene. My mother then tiptoed out and went to bed.
The next morning the shark was found out in the middle of the street. There was a crowd of people examining it and trying to figure out where the hell it came from. My mother looked up to the second floor where Tommy’s room was.  She saw that the bedroom window was wide open.  Tommy, in his shock and anger had somehow chucked the shark out the window and into the street!
The worst part of this story is that Tommy went on to sleep with much worse creatures than that old dead shark.