Wednesday, January 8, 2014

- Day 11 To Boston - Tonight is one of those rough times...

I want to thank everybody again as I'm sure I will - over and over, for all the support for India and her upcoming surgery. This has been an emotional time for our family in so many ways.  Yet we keep getting up each morning after very rough days and nights and taking that first step.

Tonight is one of those rough times...

It's 1:00 am and India's called out in pain twice now; screamed. Vikki and I go and stretch, re position and comfort her. During India's first bout of pain this evening, I helped her relax after re positioning by telling the news that she's going to transition to the same high school as her boyfriend. She giggled with excitement and then asked if her boyfriend also has pain in his body.

During the second time India's pain woke her up and she yelled for help, it was heartbreaking.  

Vikki did what Vikki does best, she stretched and positioned India in a way that made her little broken body feel ok for the time-being. When Vikki left the room, my child wanted reassurance that she wasn't going to her biological mothers house. I held India, kissed her forehead and assured her that she wasn't going there tonight. India smiled, gave me a kiss and went to sleep.

This life we live is very confusing and I'd give mine for my child to not live in pain and fear.

Tomorrow she will wake up with a smile, ask about her boyfriend and best friend Kate.  And we'll  do all we can to make it a good day.