Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 6 In Boston - Pushed It A Little Too Hard

Allen  M. "Moose-Knuckle" Tonkin AKA "III"

So my good friend Allen Tonkin "III" became very ill this week  after flying from Alaska to Boston to help me with India. He is now in the Beth Israel Medical Center for an undetermined timeframe.

Allen was supposed to fly back to Anchorage, Alaska last Friday to host a fundraiser for his film "An Adaptive Backcountry Project".  This after helping me for the past week with India here in Boston.

Allen is in GREAT hands and has a cute nurse which I'm sure he doesn't mind.  

The view from his room looks right down onto our hotel and Harvard Boston Children's Hospital. I do believe I can "moon" him from my hotel room (yes I've tried).

Allen M. Tonkin "III" is stuck here in Boston with India and myself for awhile and I'm "OK" with it. Not only does he get to have the best medical care in the United States but he also gets to continue to bring big smiles to India as he did the other night (long story, involves Allen almost throwing up and India laughing until she turned blue).

I'm grateful beyond words for Allen and all the other people who have stepped up to help us during this painful time.