Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 66 - UNM Hospital, Long Night And Good Day

Last night was very long and India didn't sleep much. You can see how wiped out she was this morning in the above photo. She had a combination of pain and stomach upset. We had to do a lot of stretching and cautious feeding throughout the night.

India pulled a tear-jerker this afternoon. Her grandmother was here, they were having some fun and during a moment of silence, India looked at grandma and said "I love you". It was really touching.

Marion and I cooked up some sausages on the grill for dinner and then walked over to the park to meet the rest of the family. We had a blast, I really needed this time with the kids.

As usual, after the fun was done and the sun had set, I returned to the hospital to be with India.  

I hope tonight is a good night.