Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Day 68 - UNM Hospital, Good Night For India, Marion Daddy Day!!!!

So India had a good night last night and was a happy camper when she woke up this morning. I had to position her ever 45 minutes during the night but there wasn't the normal bad pain. She and I actually slept pretty well all things considered.

I decided when I got up that I should take advantage of India doing well and spend some time with Marion. I scooped her up and took Marion down to the train depot. We hopped on a train to Santa Fe and had an absolutely amazing day.

We walked from gallery to gallery, people watched at the Plaza, laughed and talked. 

Marion and Daddy at the Albuquerque Train Station

Marion on the Train

Almost to Santa Fe

Lunch at La Fonda

A Painting By An Old Friend (David Rothermel) Who Marion And I Visited Today.

Waiting For Our Train Home