Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 43 In Boston - Feeding Tube

India just wouldn't eat for the past few days. So today the decision was made to put her on a feeding tube.

The placement went well, no X-rays were needed and she didn't experience any discomfort.

India had her 3 BEST (human & non clown) friends who work at Boston Children's Hospital at her side as always; NANCY, Lauren and Theresa.

I'm forever in the debt of these amazing and dedicated women. But my "chapter" about them must age like "fine wine". Or I at least need to add some fancier words with a Bostonian "accent" to pay them the respect they deserve. 

India is comfortable right now, watching Marry Poppins and looking at photos on her iPad.

And as you can see on the top photo. India is still wearing her pearls sent to her by Dorothy Vau Armijo McCoy; India LOVES them.

It's been a really rough road, much harder than I expected.  I hope India is back at school with her boyfriend and friends soon.