Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 37 In Boston - Bitter Sweet

I'm glad yesterday is in the rear view mirror...

India had a rotten painful day.  She is experiencing a lot of hurt in her left leg/foot.  It's to the point where she whimpers and says "help me daddy".

Seeking relief, India asked me to hold her in my lap. There I was cradling my child, trying to comfort her. I can't explain what this experience is like as a father.  However it's safe to say it's excruciatingly painful.

We were incredibly fortunate to have 3 friends with us to help India and I limp through the day.

Nelson, Jason & Angela.

Nelson is my pal from the Navy. He and I stupidly tried to sneak into China during the Tiananmen Square riots in 1989. 

Jason & Angela are angels who live in Rhode Island. I met these amazing people through my Buddhist Nun sister. Yesterday was their 2nd trip to visit and to say I'm grateful would be the understatement of the century.

During the late afternoon after hours of pain, Jason pulled out his guitar and started playing. As usual, India became calm and content; smiled.

After everybody had to go home, and the music was gone, India's pain reared it's ugly head with a vengeance.

I helped the nurse to take my child to another floor to get her X-rays; trying to figure out what is going wrong. 

We also had to increase her meds to try to control her pain. 

We were both wiped out in ways sleep can't remedy. Last night, when it was all said and done, I had to walk a block to my hotel room at 1:00 am. I was so worn out that it felt like the last steps of summiting Mount Everest.

Imagine how India felt...